Fix Windows 10 install stuck at “Getting Ready”

If you ever see a Windows 10 install getting stuck at “Getting Ready”–the issue could be caused by various factors.  Below are some tips to help you fix this issue along with other tips for other kinds of installation related errors.

1. UEFI booted installation — disable secure boot and enable “Legacy Booting”. When you insert the USB or DVD installation, make sure to select “legacy boot option in boot devices list of your laptop or desktop”.  If you see HP, Dell or other logos when you are booting up Windows 10 instead of the Win10 logo, that is a sign something is off (this only applies to clean install, if you are upgrading–you may still see the logo of your computer manufacturer.)  The UEFI bootloader–booting up your USB installer is the culprit of the installation getting stuck in that “Getting ready”.   If you ever shut it down when it is stuck in that “getting ready”, you will see that installation has failed error and to restart installation again.  Once you ensure that legacy booting is enabled in BIOS, you need to hit ESC or F9,F12 or whatever key shows you the boot devices list so that you can select the regular legacy boot and not the UEFI boot option for your thumb drive.

2.  If your Windows 10 install gets stuck on “Getting Updates”–it may actually be using a slow internet and not stuck at all.  Make sure you are using a fast internet or you could always just install without the “Get updates” option during the upgrade installation.

3.  If you get other installation errors, make sure to disconnect all peripherals aside from mouse and keyboard.

4.  Instead of using the Windows Update service inside Windows got upgrade from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 to 10.  You could just download the Media Creation Tool found here

5.  If the Media creation tool is not working for you, it usually means your USB flash drive may not have enough space on it.  You can try running the media creation tool in admin mode by right clicking and clicking on “Run as Administrator”.   Make sure your thumb drive is not locked.  Try a different flash drive if it still keeps failing at writing to the USB after it has downloaded the Win10 ISO.  Make sure to choose the right version for your system architecture, most new systems will be 64 bit.

6.  If after you install Windows 10 and it gets stuck on “Working on it”– Go to control panel and then Windows Update.   Click on check “check for updates”.  Let it take however long it wants for the update, and it should show you the upgrade option.

The Differences Between SAN and NAS

Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) both provide networked storage solutions. A NAS is a single storage device that operates on data files, while a SAN is a local network of multiple devices.

The differences between NAS and SAN can be seen when comparing their cabling and how they’re connected to the system, as well as how communication to the device occurs.

SAN vs. NAS Technology

A NAS unit includes a dedicated hardware device that connects to a local area network, usually through an Ethernet connection.

This NAS server authenticates clients and manages file operations in much the same manner as traditional file servers, through well-established network protocols.

To reduce the costs that occur with traditional file servers, NAS devices generally run an embedded operating system on simplified hardware and lack peripherals like a monitor or keyboard.

A SAN commonly utilizes Fibre Channel interconnects and connects a set of storage devices that are able to share data with one another.

SAN vs. NAS Usage Models

The administrator of a home or small business network can connect one NAS device to their local area network. The NAS maintains its own IP address comparable to computers and other TCP/IP devices. Using a software program that is provided with the NAS hardware, the network administrator can set up automatic or manual backups and file copies between the NAS and all the other connected devices.

The NAS holds many gigabytes or terabytes of data. Administrators can add additional storage capacity to their network by installing additional NAS devices, although each NAS operates independently.

Administrators of large enterprise networks may require many terabytes of centralized file storage or extremely high-speed file transfer operations.

Where installing an army of many NAS devices is not a practical option, administrators can instead install a SAN containing a high-performance disk array to provide the needed scalability and performance.

SAN/NAS Convergence

As internet technologies like ​TCP/IP and Ethernet have proliferated worldwide, some SAN products are making the transition from Fibre Channel to the same IP-based approach NAS uses. Also, with the rapid improvements in disk storage technology, today’s NAS devices now offer capacities and performance that once were only possible with SAN.

These two industry factors have led to a partial convergence of NAS and SAN approaches to network storage.

Threat Spotlight: Follow the Bad Rabbit

On October 24, 2017, Cisco Talos was alerted to a widescale ransomware campaign affecting organizations across eastern Europe and Russia. As was the case in previous situations, we quickly mobilized to assess the situation and ensure that customers remain protected from this and other threats as they emerge across the threat landscape.

There have been several large scale ransomware campaigns over the last several months. This appears to have some similarities to Nyetya in that it is also based on Petya ransomware. Major portions of the code appear to have been rewritten. The distribution does not appear to have the sophistication of the supply chain attacks we have seen recently.

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Changing system date from Terminal – OS X recovery

When you’re booting your Mac from the recovery partition and are planning to reinstall OS X, you might be met by the following message:

An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running again

Now, if you haven’t used your Mac for a while, the error might be caused by an incorrect system date setting. You can check this by going to utilities and opening the terminal. Once in the terminal enter the following command and hit return/enter:


The result of this command will be the date that the system currently has been set to. For some reason, it might have been reset to 2001, in which case we need to set it to the right date. To do this, we enter a new command. This command will be entered as follows:

date {month}{day}{hour}{minute}{year}

Every bracket should be replaced with a two-digit number. For example, March 18th 2013 12:50 would become the following command:

date 0318125013

Enter the command and hit return. You can then check if it was set correctly by running the first command again. If the date was wrong, it was likely that which caused the error, and after you quit the terminal it should be able to install OS X just fine.

Installing macOS or OS X: What to do when ‘the installer payload failed signature check’ or ‘this copy of the install OS X application cannot be verified’

If you encounter an error when trying to install a fresh operating system, it could be a problem with the date and time.

The other day a co-worker needed to borrow a Mac, so I grabbed an older MacBook Air from storage. I decided to wipe out the laptop’s flash storage and install a fresh version of OS X. I created a bootable USB flash drive installer, plugged it into the laptop, pressed the Option key as the machine booted, and then selected the USB drive as the boot disk.

I then ran Disk Utility to reformat the drive and then ran the installer to install OS X. It looked like things were moving along, until this appeared on the screen.

osx boot install error
Error message while trying to install OS X El Capitan from a USB installation disk.

installer payload fail sierra
Error message while trying to install macOS Sierra from a USB installation disk.

I created another boot disk using a different storage drive, in case it was a hardware problem, but I got the same error. I figured that the fact that the laptop had been in storage for a while had something to do with it, and it did.

Note: This fix should work with OS X Mavericks and El Capitan. It also worked for me with macOS Sierra, which shows a different error message (“The installer payload failed signature check” pops up near the end of the installation) than the one that appears for El Capitan and Mavericks.

How to fix the problem

The installer checks the date on the computer. If the date isn’t current, you get the error above. The fix involves correcting the date on your Mac.

If you have an older OS on the Mac

If you have a complete OS on the Mac already, boot into it. Fix the date in the Date & Time system preference (Apple menu > System Preferences). Reboot using the USB boot disk, and you should be able to proceed with the installation.

If you don’t have an OS on the Mac

If you are in a situation like I was, and you don’t have a complete OS on your disk (you reformatted it), you’ll find that there’s no way to access the Date & Time system preference when you use an external USB boot installer drive. The Apple menu doesn’t give you access to System Preferences. You have to use the Terminal to set the date and time.

osx boot install error terminal
How to access the Terminal when you boot from an external boot drive installer.

If you use an external boot disk, you Mac starts up into OS X Disk Utilities. You can access the Terminal by clicking on the Utilities menu and selecting Terminal. Once the Terminal has launched, follow these steps.

    1. At the prompt, type date to see the date that’s on the Mac. For example, here’s the date of the MacBook Air I worked on.
  1. If your Mac is connected to the internet, you can tell your Mac to check online for the current date and time. You can do this by typing at the prompt ntpdate -u and then pressing Return.
osx boot install error terminal set date auto

Your Mac should now have the current date and time. If you enter date again (as I did in the screenshot above) the information that appears will be current. You can now run the OS installer.

If you don’t have an internet connection

You can still use Terminal to set the date. Go into the Terminal as described above, then follow these steps.

    1. At the prompt, type date to see the date that’s on the Mac.
    2. Figure out the numerical representation of the date and time. The pattern you need to follow:
      • Month: in two-digit format. For example, July is 07.
      • Day: in two-digit format. For example, the 19th is 19. Another example: the 7th is 07.
      • Time: in military format of hours and minutes. For example, 2:00 p.m. is 1400.
      • Year: Last two digits.

In my example, the numerical representation is 0719140016. This stands for July (07) 19, (19), 2 p.m. (1400), 2016 (16).

  1. At the prompt, type date [numerical], with [numerical] being the representation you figured out. In my example, I typed date 0719140016. Then press Return.
osx boot install error terminal set date manual

The date should be set. You can check the date again by typing date at the prompt. You can now run the installer.

Core PHP vs PHP Framework

This article is not dealing with technical terms and concentrates to deliver the content simple. If you are a programmer let me tell you, why you should prefer Framework ahead of Core PHP for your projects. If you are a business guy let me tell you, why it is so important to insist your software vendor to develop your web applications and websites with PHP Framework.
The comparison between Core PHP and PHP Framework can be related to Mathematics.

  • To solve a complicated problem in scientific mathematics, you can either take a paper to work out, or you can use a scientific calculator to solve it.
  • Working out mathematics in a paper is like coding in Core PHP, tapping a scientific calculator is like coding in Framework.

So what do I mean?

Core PHP vs PHP Framework

Core PHP – Maths With Paper

  • Best student can solve the problem in few steps. Accuracy level – 75% to 100%.
  • Average student may or may not solve the problem, he will write down few more steps to solve the same problem.
  • Accuracy level – 50% to 75%.
  • Poor student cannot solve the problems. Still he will write down, lot and lot of steps to solve the problem. Accuracy level – 0% to 50%.

Framework – Scientific Calculator

  • Every student can solve the problem with 100% accuracy, once they learnt how to use the calculator.
  • The predefined formulas in the calculator will provide you accurate results faster for any problem.

Problem With Core PHP

Core PHP becomes complicated, when people start writing their own logic in it.
One can bring the output in few lines of code, where the other can take a few hundred of lines to bring the same. Both of them cannot read each other’s code. So the problem starts here, that is inconsistency.

Why Choose Framework?

Framework assures reliability, consistency and a big time-saver. It has rich set of functionalities, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel again and again. You will have almost all the functionalities to develop a PHP web application. Since it has been developed in OOPS, you can extend the existing functionality and create your own to have a full control over the application. Framework will not let you to write bad code, unless you purposely do it. When you work as a team, integrating your entire module becomes very easier, also it helps a lot in understanding each other’s code.

When you start developing a project, there are a lot of things, which you have to take care about, but we know only half of the things in it. Framework does everything for you, so you can be assured that your application is clean and safe. Inputs can be sanitized easily. MVC is one of the key functionality of Frameworks, separation of logics from views is a very good practice.

Modification Projects

We all know that the client will surely come back to us one day to enhance the website with lot of his innovative requirements. If the project was done in Core PHP, you will have to say no for 50% of his new requirements, or simply you can tell him that the project is expired. But if the project was done is Framework, the beauty of Framework can be witnessed here. All you have to do is a cakewalk and give the updated project back to the client. I can assure this to you with the personal experiences I had.

Is Core PHP That Bad?

No, not at all. Core PHP helps you to understand the logics behind framework. Your logical thinking can be improved with Core PHP. The Core PHP becomes bad only when it goes to a bad programmer’s desk. Don’t dive into Framework without learning or coding in Core PHP. Please make sure that you read the full documentation before you start coding in Framework, writing Core PHP inside Framework has become common nowadays, it’s an insult to Frameworks.

We suggest our clients to prefer frameworks for their web applications. Choosing a framework depends upon the requirement of the project, will explain you about the functionalities and unique features of frameworks and how should you pick a framework in upcoming blogs.



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Enfold SEO (Search engine optimization)

Enfold theme is built with SEO best practices in mind. It uses clean, semantical and valid HTML code and CSS so search engines can index the content of your site with ease. Important content is always placed before unimportent in your source code (eg: Blog Post content before Sidebar), Headlines are wrapped in heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc) to signalise their importance to search engines.

Enfold also uses heavy internal site linking, which is also of vital for search engines (related posts, primary and secondary navigation menus, footer navigation, etc) With this WordPress Template you are well equipped to get a high google ranking and attract visitors to show them your fantastic work

Enfold v3.7.1 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Changelog

2016 August 6th – v3.7.1
– style.css – new version number
– folder config-woocommerce:
– fixed: styling for the new tabbed front end account

Demo Enfold v3.7.1 – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

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KEY TERMS in Computer Networks

Following are some important terms, which are frequently used in context of Computer Networks.

Terms Definition
1. ISO The OSI model is a product of the Open Systems Interconnection project at the International Organization for Standardization. ISO is a voluntary organization.
2. OSI Model Open System Interconnection is a model consisting of seven logical layers.
3. TCP/IP Model Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol Model is based on four layer model which is based on Protocols.
4. UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair cable is a Wired/Guided media which consists of two conductors usually copper, each with its own colour plastic insulator
5. STP Shielded Twisted Pair cable is a Wired/Guided media has a metal foil or braided-mesh covering which encases each pair of insulated conductors. Shielding also eliminates crosstalk
6. PPP Point-to-Point connection is a protocol which is used as a communication link between two devices.
7. LAN Local Area Network is designed for small areas such as an office, group of building or a factory.
8. WAN Wide Area Network is used for the network that covers large distance such as cover states of a country
9. MAN Metropolitan Area Network uses the similar technology as LAN. It is designed to extend over the entire city.
10. Crosstalk Undesired effect of one circuit on another circuit. It can occur when one line picks up some signals travelling down another line. Example: telephone conversation when one can hear background conversations. It can be eliminated by shielding each pair of twisted pair cable.
11. PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network consists of telephone lines, cellular networks, satellites for communication, fiber optic cables etc. It is the combination of world’s (national, local and regional) circuit switched telephone network.
12. File Transfer, Access and Management (FTAM) Standard mechanism to access files and manages it. Users can access files in a remote computer and manage it.
13. Analog Transmission The signal is continuously variable in amplitude and frequency. Power requirement is high when compared with Digital Transmission.
14. Digital Transmission It is a sequence of voltage pulses. It is basically a series of discrete pulses. Security is better than Analog Transmission.