Month: September 2014

Finding your php.ini

o find your php.ini file all you need to do is enter the following command into your SSH Terminal. php -i | grep php.ini It will show you the directory copy and paste the directory, mainly the url (/usr/local/lib/) as

Block IP ranges on CSF?

OK, so you wish to block a IP range from your server using cPanel/WHM. We’ve always recommended CSF for the firewall on your VPS running cPanel and to do this on CSF go to the ConfigServer Security&Firewall then do the following:

/dev/shm is not mounted with the noexec,nosuid?

Getting the error in ConfigServer Firewall? /dev/shm is not mounted with the noexec,nosuid options (currently: none). You should modify the mountpoint in /etc/fstab for /dev/shm with those options and remount. Simply follow the following: Use the command: nano /etc/fstab Replace this

Russia May Be Unplugged from the Internet

The Russian government is considering radical plans to unplug the country from the worldwide web in the event of a serious military confrontation or big anti-government protests. Vladimir Putin scheduled meeting of his security council to discuss what steps they

Worldwide Web Accounts for Billion Websites

For the first time ever, the number of websites on the Internet has gone above one billion and continues growing. The statistics updated in real time by online tracker Internet Live Stats and tweeted by Sir Tim Berners-Lee (who is

How to Detect SQL Injection Attacks

SQL Injection (SQLi) attacks have been around for over a decade. You might wonder why they are still so prevalent. The main reason is that they still work on quite a few web application targets. In fact, according to Veracode’s

Dropbox Disclosed Data on Government Requests

According to Dropbox’s transparency report, the service received 268 requests for user information from the authorities in the first half of 2014. Besides, the service also received 37 requests for information from abroad, noting that now Dropbox requires non-US governments

Apple Promised to Enhance iCloud Security

The tech giant is going to add more security steps that would allow to keep hackers out of user accounts following the celebrity nude photo scandal. In addition, Apple will aggressively encourage users to take stricter measures. The company will

Apple Will Launch New iPhone on September 9

The tech industry expects that Apple’s next iPhone with a larger screen will be unveiled in two weeks. The company confirmed the date of its highly anticipated iPhone 6 launch event by sending out invitations featuring a close-up image of