Month: December 2014

Microsoft Could Kill Internet Explorer; New Spartan Browser Coming Soon

Bad News for Internet Explorer fans, if any! Microsoft’s almost 20 years old Web browser with a big blue Esign might soon be a thing of the past. With the arrival of Windows 10, probably by next fall, Microsoft could

Google Leaves Russia

Google decided to shut down its engineering office in Russia. This decision was made because of a new law, which Russian authorities expect will improve data protection. Since next January, the foreign companies will be required to store Russian users’

Chinese Hackers Suspected of Attacking Government Sites in Afghanistan

The visitors of several official Afghan government websites might have had their devices infected with malware after a threat group believed to have ties to China compromised the sites through a content delivery network (CDN), a new report has revealed.

China fingered for Afghan Govt attacks

Chinese hackers have targeted nearly all major Afghanistan Government websites by hacking an official content delivery network (CDN) and gaining a foothold to attack western governments. Hackers popped the network run by the Afghan Ministry of Communications and IT which

Facebook Introduced Another Anti-Virus Software

The social network has launched the third free anti-virus scanner, which monitors for malicious activity and offers to scan infected machines directly from Facebook. The software was developed by security company Eset and is expected to protect the user accounts

Apple Is Accused of Deleting Rivals’ Music from iPods

A huge antitrust class-action lawsuit against the Californian electronics company is currently heard in court. The tech giant is accused of intentionally deleting music not purchased from iTunes from users’ iPods a few years ago. A billion-dollar antitrust suit against

North Korea Claimed It Didn’t Hack Sony

The country has denied its involvement into the last week’s cyber-attack on Sony Pictures. The hack resulted in the leak of several unreleased movies and caused massive disruption to Sony’s email and other services of its internal computer network. A

The Fish Who Loved A Bird

A fish fell in love with a bird one day. What was his reason I could not say. The bird flew down its reflection to see, the fish jumped high and cried “Marry me.” The bird simply laughed and flew

WhatsApp Messages Are Now Encrypted by Default

Over 600m WhatsApp users will benefit from its default end-to-end encryption. It is supposed to prevent any snoops spying on private communications. The move comes after WhatsApp contracted Open Whisper Systems, the developer of the TextSecure encrypted text app, with

Microsoft and Yahoo Joined “Right to Be Forgotten”

Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing search engines joined Google and started to respond to the “right to be forgotten” requests for removals in Europe. Microsoft admitted that they published the request form on Bing back in July, but the first removals