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How to Remove or Change Administrator Password In Windows XP

Sometimes you need to access your administrator account without password because you have already forgotten it. If there is a guest account created earlier, then there is no issue here. Otherwise you will need to format your computer. Here we

Financial Management Chapter

Salaam Higher Education Institute Kunduz Branch Financial Management Chapter.   [wpdm_file id=1 title=”true” ]

Business Communication Chapter

Business Communication Chapter for Salaam Higher Education Institute Kunduz Branch. [wpdm_file id=2 title=”true” desc=”true” template=”bluebox ” ]

Microsoft makes Windows 8 name official, three editions only

Windows 8 is the official name of the next version of Windows client. Here are details on the three SKUs that are in the pipeline. Those hoping for fewer Windows editions than in previous versions, your prayers have been answered.

Will Lulzsec Arrests Stop High-profile Hacks? Don’t Bet On It

The group of hackers known as “LulzSec” frequently taunted government pursuers over the last year as they published sensitive data snatched from myriad public and corporate Web sites. Tuesday, we may have learned what happens when you mock the feds

Microsoft Moves To Disable Zeus Botnet

Cyber-criminals suffered a serious setback on Friday, when command-and-control servers running some of the most notorious Zeus botnets were seized by authorities. Accompanied by U.S. Marshals and working in collaboration with partner organizations in the financial services industry, Microsoft raided