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Best Antivirus Software for 2013

Bitdefender had humble beginnings in Romania, but is now a globally-recognized brand that demonstrates its prowess each year in the AV testing houses. This application is clearly thebest antivirus software for 2013 due to a wide range of reasons. In its

What are tablet computers?

Technology nowadays has taken our lifestyle and communication to a new level. There has been a lot of new technology always coming out and bring us innovation to make our lives easier. Computers have evolved from being super gigantic to

Password Security

People have a lot of online accounts. If you are anything like me, you will forget the majority of your passwords a week after you have placed them, and have to go through that tedious process of requesting an email

Easy ways to boost up your Wi-Fi Strength

Wi-Fi means Wireless Fidelity. It allows device such as a personal computer, video game console, cellphone or digital audio player to connect to the Internet as long as they are within the range of a wireless network’s broadcast range. Nowadays,

Resetting Windows Password

Tested on: NT 3.51, NT 4 (all versions and SPs), Windows 2000 (all versions & SPs), Windows XP (all versions, also SP2 and SP3), Windows Server 2003 (all SPs), Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit (SP1 also), Window 7 (all

Virus Definition Update

New viruses appear almost everyday. Apart from installing the latest -virus program, users are advised to use the Automatic Updates function to keep the Virus Definitions up-to-date. The Automatic Updates function is “Enabled”, by default, when you install the F-Secure

Trojan Horse is Not Virus!

Strictly speaking, a trojan horse is NOT a virus because it does not replicate like ordinary viruses do. A trojan horse is an unfriendly program which will appear to be something other than what it is, for example a program that is

Do not pass on Virus Hoaxes

Although there are thousands of viruses discovered each year, there are still some that only exist in the imaginations of the public and the press – known as virus hoaxes. These viruses hoaxes DO NOT EXIST, despite rumor of their creation and

Types of Viruses

There are many types of computer viruses: File virus : Most viruses fall into this category. A virus attaches itself to a file, usually a program file.   Boot sector virus : These viruses infect floppy and hard drives. The virus program

Virus Detection on Email Server

Virus Detection on Email Server The spread of computer virus via email is getting common nowadays. This kind of virus (or sometimes called “worm”), usually disguised in the form of an email attachment, contains malicious codes that would get executed