How to prevent your hosting account from being hacked

Tips on how to prevent your account from being hacked The menace of hacking is a very serious issue for the today’s World Wide Web. It is really important to pay a lot of attention to security of your cPanel

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How to improve WordPress website security

1. Introduction Nowadays we face a lot of security issues with different content management systems (CMS) and web applications. WordPress is not an exception as it`s one of the most popular and powerful blogging content management systems. There are several

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How to setup internal protection for .htaccess

This part is applicable only for cases, when you wish manually set up all the necessary settings and rules. All these settings can be done automatically with secure plugins (especially BulletProof Security). We recommend using the secure plugins first and

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How to Detect SQL Injection Attacks

SQL Injection (SQLi) attacks have been around for over a decade. You might wonder why they are still so prevalent. The main reason is that they still work on quite a few web application targets. In fact, according to Veracode’s

Global Attack on WordPress Sites

As I write this post, there is an on going and highly distributed, global attack on wordpress installations to crack open admin accounts and inject various malicious scripts. To give you a little history, we recently heard from a major

Joomla Security is Up to Date

While Joomla 2.5 has a significant number of improvements and features over Joomla 1.5, our favorites are upgrade notification and one click upgrades. In an increasingly complex world it is not only convenient but critical to stay on top of security updates.