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The Fish Who Loved A Bird

A fish fell in love with a bird one day. What was his reason I could not say. The bird flew down its reflection to see, the fish jumped high and cried “Marry me.” The bird simply laughed and flew

China May Outsource to America

Do you think that things are cheaper in the third world? The Chinese don’t. Not anymore. The local governments of the United States are trying to attract the Chinese companies to their states in the hope they will set up

اطلاعیه جدید وزارت تحصلات برای کانکور 1392

شماره ولایت صنف دهم صنف یازدهم صنف دوازدهم نصاب تعلیمی تطبیق شده بالای شاگردان نصاب تعلیمی تطبیق شده بالای شاگردان نصاب تعلیمی تطبیق شده بالای شاگردان 1 ارزگان نصاب  کهنه نصاب جدید نصاب جدید 2 بادغیس نصاب  کهنه نصاب جدید نصاب جدید

Best mobile phones to buy in 2013

Smartphones have never been bigger. Soon enough every pocket will have a mini-computer, and the sheer variety of smartphones out there means there’s something for everyone, at almost any budget. Once you’ve used a smartphone every day, you’ll never look

Why Are Men So Difficult? The 8 Big Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Brains

Many women find it incredibly difficult to understand men. What you ladies need to understand is that we are totally different, and instead of giving up, all of us should try to embrace the differences and accept each other for

Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Cars

Wealthy individuals have been passionate about high-end cars ever since they came into existence. Whether they deliver utmost luxury and comfort or maximum performance capabilities, expensive cars will always attract buyers no matter their cost. Here is a top 10

How to choose six perfect features in a computer.

Portability: We all know that lugging around a heavy handbag can be taxing on your shoulder and back. So it’s important to consider size when choosing a computer, especially if you will be traveling with the laptop. Laptops range in both

How to Pick the Perfect Computer

Over the past 10 years, I’ve gone through seven computers, including desktops, laptops and a netbook. After my relationship with each device ended (more often then not, the computer simply died on me or stopped working), I would promise myself