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Fix Windows 10 install stuck at “Getting Ready”

If you ever see a Windows 10 install getting stuck at “Getting Ready”–the issue could be caused by various factors.  Below are some tips to help you fix this issue along with other tips for other kinds of installation related

Windows 10: release date, price, news and features

The future of Windows is coming on July 29 PAGE 1 OF 2: WINDOWS 10: WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR Update: With less than two months to go until the big launch, Microsoft is slowing down its Windows Technical Preview

USBKill — Code That Kills Computers Before They Examine USBs for Secrets

USBkill — A new program that once activated, will instantly disable the laptop or computer if there is any activity on USB port. Hey Wait, don’t compare USBkill with the USB Killer stick that destroy sensitive components of a computer

Infectious Porn Video Back on Facebook

The new pretend-porn trojan was fast enough: it has infected over 110,000 Facebook users in a couple days. It works as follows: one of user’s Facebook friends shares a porn video and it appears in the user’s news feed. After

Apple Can Be Sued for Storage Space on Mobile Devices

Apple currently faces a lawsuit over the complaints about the large amount of storage that its new iOS 8 takes up on iPhones and iPads. The users of the devices complain about the misrepresentation of the storage capacity. The lawsuit

Google Faced Fines in Netherlands

The authorities of the Netherlands may fine Google about €15 million over Internet privacy breaches. It turned out that Google is failing to abide by the data protection law of the country by collecting users’ private data including browsing history

Microsoft Could Kill Internet Explorer; New Spartan Browser Coming Soon

Bad News for Internet Explorer fans, if any! Microsoft’s almost 20 years old Web browser with a big blue Esign might soon be a thing of the past. With the arrival of Windows 10, probably by next fall, Microsoft could

Google Leaves Russia

Google decided to shut down its engineering office in Russia. This decision was made because of a new law, which Russian authorities expect will improve data protection. Since next January, the foreign companies will be required to store Russian users’

Chinese Hackers Suspected of Attacking Government Sites in Afghanistan

The visitors of several official Afghan government websites might have had their devices infected with malware after a threat group believed to have ties to China compromised the sites through a content delivery network (CDN), a new report has revealed.

China fingered for Afghan Govt attacks

Chinese hackers have targeted nearly all major Afghanistan Government websites by hacking an official content delivery network (CDN) and gaining a foothold to attack western governments. Hackers popped the network run by the Afghan Ministry of Communications and IT which