New viruses appear almost everyday. Apart from installing the latest -virus program, users are advised to use the Automatic Updates function to keep the Virus Definitions up-to-date. The Automatic Updates function is “Enabled”, by default, when you install the F-Secure Anti-Virus 7 or higher. How to check that the Virus Definitions are up to date […]

Strictly speaking, a trojan horse is NOT a virus because it does not replicate like ordinary viruses do. A trojan horse is an unfriendly program which will appear to be something other than what it is, for example a program that is disguised as a legitimate software program. Below are some common trojans: Back Orifice 2000 : BO2K […]

Although there are thousands of viruses discovered each year, there are still some that only exist in the imaginations of the public and the press – known as virus hoaxes. These viruses hoaxes DO NOT EXIST, despite rumor of their creation and distribution. Please ignore any messages regarding these supposed “viruses” and DO NOT pass on any messages about […]


May 2012

Types of Viruses

There are many types of computer viruses: File virus : Most viruses fall into this category. A virus attaches itself to a file, usually a program file.   Boot sector virus : These viruses infect floppy and hard drives. The virus program will load first, before the operating system.   Macro Virus : This is a new type […]