Millions of Apple fans were disappointed last year when the fabled iPhone 5 actually turned out to be the iPhone 4S, instead of a completely new model. Up until then, the company was faithfully and predictably releasing a new iPhone model every year. Fortunately for Apple lovers everywhere, we could be finally back on track, as a Foxconn recruiting officer hinted at a confirmed release date for the iPhone 5.

Looks like we’ll have our hands on a shiny new Apple phone in June, or so the rumor states. One of the recruiters for Foxconn, the Chinese company that makes the hardware for the iPhones, told the Japanese TV program World Business Satellite that they are “looking for 18,000 new workers for a fifth-generation phone.” Afterwards, the reporter clarified that the recruiter was indeed talking about the iPhone 5, adding that it will be released in June. While this isn’t an official iPhone 5 release date from Apple itself, it’s certainly a claim that deserves some credit, coming from the manufacturer of the phone itself.

The hardware and physical specifications of the phone are just as much of a mystery as the release date, but what we should expect is a completely new look, as Apple introduced in the iPhone 3 and 4 over their predecessors.

Concerning the iPhone 5 release date, this news from Foxconn should be taken with a grain of salt (just like any non-Apple announcement), since similar rumors have been going out as soon as 2 weeks after the iPhone 4S was released. What we do know is that Apple needs to make a strong move with their fifth phone, to recover from the somewhat lukewarm reception of its 4S version. And with Android phones becoming more advanced (and reasonably priced), the pressure is on Apple to really impress with the iPhone 5.

So, while the June rumor for an iPhone 5 release date is certainly exciting, we’ll hang tight until an official notice comes out.

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