Technology nowadays has taken our lifestyle and communication to a new level. There has been a lot of new technology always coming out and bring us innovation to make our lives easier. Computers have evolved from being super gigantic to personal computers to laptops and now, the new generation of computer has arrived. It is even more handy and portable and you can carry anywhere you go – the tablet computer. What are tablet computers, some of you may ask. Well, generally speaking it is much like the same old computer that you have that allows you to do all the things you need to do such, as computing, typing, gaming, communication and many others. The only difference one may easily notice upon looking is the size. Tablet computers are so much more handy and portable with smaller size in terms of length, width, height and weight. You can take this anywhere with you and you don’t have to worry about your back aching anymore. Tablet computers allow you to be free and access everything you need to access anytime, anywhere.

A more detailed description to answer the what are tablet computers question is that it is a portable computer that uses a touch screen interface that is smaller than a netbook, some are even cellphone-like in size, but definitely smarter with more options and features than a regular cellphone. Because it is touch screen, there is a built-in virtual keyboard for you type in texts and most of them also come with a stylus or digital pen for easier navigation. There are many different types of tablet computers you can find being sold in the market today by different brands with different features and programs unique to each. Here are some of the more famous and functional types of tablet computers.

  • Convertible tablet – this is very much similar to a netbook or even a laptop and probably the heaviest in terms of weight of all tablets. The screen can be rotated up to 180 degrees and can be folded to close just like your ordinary laptop. It has also an integrated keyboard you can find below the screen. You can use it touch screen which includes a stylus and virtual keyboard or if you still prefer the laptop way with the real keyboard you may use it as well.
  • Slate tablet – this is probably the most popular type of tablet as it is popularized by the leading IT Company in the world. It works solely on touch screen with virtual keyboard but is sold without the stylus. But you can still integrate it with a hardware keyboard which is sold separately and is connected to the tablet with a dock.
  • Rugged tablet – if you travel a lot this is the tablet for you. This is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and rough handling. It is also shock-proof so you are sure that your tablet is always protected.

Now you know what are tablet computers and the different types of it. You can now choose your own depending on which features you prefer and make the lighter switch from you old heavy laptops to the new generation tablet computers.

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